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The television and film industry is complex and multifaceted, employing a wide range of professionals from many different backgrounds outside performing arts, such as writers, producers, and tech operators. Much like music production, professional film production is characterized by complex legal matters, including intellectual property control, financing, liability, and employment terms. As an experienced entertainment attorney, Precious Felder—our principal attorney—has extensive experience in representing and securing rights on many different sides of the industry. Whether you need a written agreement drafted to secure shared screenplay rights or want to ensure that you retain creative control in a collaborative venture, a skilled entertainment and film production lawyer can help you achieve a workable solution. If you want the peace of mind of knowing your rights are protected by one of Atlanta, GA’s top entertainment attorneys, call ENT Legal today for a consultation.

How an Entertainment Attorney Can Help You

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At ENT Legal, we have the resources and the expertise to delve into complex issues in entertainment law. Our team works closely with each client to achieve the most satisfactory and beneficial outcome while also helping our clients feel confident and empowered. As a top entertainment law firm in the greater Atlanta metro region, we are highly knowledgeable in the most challenging issues facing all professionals in the industry.

The Benefits of Hiring a Film Production Lawyer

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As an experienced film production law firm, we can assist with:

  • Contracts and agreements between co-producers: From writing the screenplay to retaining actors and crew members, there are often many joint ventures involved in the creation of a movie or television project. It is crucial for all involved parties to understand their legal rights and responsibilities early on to avoid issues that could prove to be costly or delay the project.
  • Financing terms and conditions: If you are relying on external resources to fund your filmmaking project, it’s crucial to establish clear legal terms with your providers to protect both parties’ financial interests.
  • Copyright issues: Establishing copyrights to any original work prevents the risk of lengthy legal disputes between creators.