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Creating a business can be a somewhat complex process. There are a lot of legal concerns to consider, such as what kind of business entity you want to create or how you’ll work with other companies. As such, it can be beneficial to work with a business formation attorney. Partner with a business formation lawyer from our firm and receive reliable guidance. At ENT Legal, we are committed to providing clients throughout Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding areas with solid legal service. Trust us to help you create your business.

What Types of Business Entities Are There?

Determine Which One Works for You

There are several different business entities you could choose to create, including:

  • Sole Proprietorship: Essentially, a business run by a single individual. This is the simplest type of business model with few legal restrictions; however, you’ll also be completely liable for any issues with the business.
  • Partnership: A business run by two or more individuals. A partnership can make it easier for the business to grow and make money, though like a sole proprietorship may also have liability concerns.
  • Corporation: A business entity created to act as the ‘operator’ of the business. This entity will continue after any individual owners have left the corporation and also prevents the owners from being personally liable for issues.
  • Limited Liability Corporation (LLC): A hybrid between a partnership and a corporation.

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A business formation attorney from our firm can help with corporation, LLC, or other business entity creation. At ENT Legal, we are committed to providing our clients with reliable legal guidance throughout the process. If you’re near Atlanta, GA, or the surrounding areas, then consider calling today.